Here is a list of the 10 pretty good reasons to install a Wood fired oven. Why? well sometimes it takes a little convincing. Sometimes you need that little push, to make a decision, or to have the decision made for you. Sometimes you need to convince a partner or family member, get them on board before you make the investment (or get them to invest for you)

Regardless of the reason, 10 good reasons to install a wood fired oven that are listed below should help you put fuel to the fire (so to speak).

wood fired oven Pizza PartyBring out your inner baker/chef

We all have one inside – or we wouldn’t be reading this blog. Our desire to succeed doesn’t stop when you get home, and once you have perfected your pizzas and tackled breads, you’ll be looking for other recipes to defeat, and win over the satisfying approval of loved ones as they hungrily wolf down your latest creation

You will impress your friends

Well, you’ll probably end up impressing yourself first. Who knew you could make such great bread, pizza and roasts? you did of course, but when compliments exit the mouths of your partner or loved ones, even neighbors, the feeling is definitely worth it. It will take practice of course, to perfect the base, the cooking even-ness and the not burning of dishes, everything takes practice and adjustment to make good results, so its the fun you’ll have doing it that makes it enjoyable.

It Adds value to your property

Not necessarily tangible $$$ but definite value. It shows your property’s potential as a social hub, just like a hot-tub or swimming pool would. And if its put together nicely and integrated into some form of outdoor kitchen you’re on to a winner

People will want to come over

And fortunately (or unfortunately) you will want them to. The notion of spending a lazy afternoon or crisp evening watching the glow of smoldering ashes as they light up the doe of your oven is something that is hard to replicate anywhere else

You can cater to the masses

Your next birthday, anniversary or wedding (not really) can be easily catered by the pizzaiolo of the house. Pizza is a crowd pleaser that is popular and filling. The options are endless and with a decent amount of preparation and a bit of practice, you’ll have food flying out of your oven in 3 minutes or less. Depending on your skill level, confidence and size of oven, you could easily churn out 30 to 40 pizzas in an hour, 2 – 3 at a time. Army Fed.

wood fired oven cooking classRestaurant quality food in 3 minutes

Yes 3 minutes! We’re talking microwave speeds here, only the result is so much more desirable (and edible). The high temperatures and reflected heat of the oven dome cook the bottom base and toppings concurrently. Magic is made when cooking this way and as you turn your pizza while it bubbles up, frozen Pappa Giuseppe pizzas become a distant memory..

No need for a water feature

Ever since people had backyards and gardens they’ve endeavored to stick something nice looking in them. Today’s wood fired oven can come already finished, ready to go with a multitude of finishes to aesthetically integrate into your space. Think painted, rendered, brick, stone, mosaic, stainless steel. And if you are the D.I.Y type, then you can run with whatever finish you please. Ha! Water features.. so 1990s

Barbecues will become a thing of the past

Ever tied cooking a steak in a wood fired oven? Or Roasting sausages with capsicum and potato? how about a massive rack of sticky beef ribs? That’s not pizza you say, well yeah you are right. Pizza isn’t the only thing you’ll be cooking in your oven and here’s why. The reflective heat of your oven coupled with oven accessories that lift your meat above the glowing embers of your fire (you wont be cooking meat on the oven floor) will allow the meat to cook from both top and bottom at the same time, sealing in your juices and imparting that awesome wood fired flavor.

traditional wood fired oven bakingThink of the money you’ll save

You’ll be hard pressed to find a gourmet Wood fired pizza from a restaurant or takeaway for less than $15, let alone the time spent travelling and finding parking. With that in mind, the average cost to make a woodfired pizza is about $1 to $3. Sure the initial cost of the Oven, tools and ingredients may appear hefty but a frequently used and well worn oven has paid for itself over time with untold return on investment.

Extending the life of a centuries old tradition

Cooking with flame inside a contained, rounded or dome shaped facility has been done for centuries. Even further back than medieval times. Serving a dual purpose of heating the home and for cooking, old style hearths made of mud and clay were standard inclusions in most homes. Sure electricity changed things quite a bit but its evident that the combination of fire, warmth and food has seen a simple cooking method endure the ages. luckily for us we benefit from modern technologies and processes. These have refined the ways in which these ovens are built and the tools available to use with them. We also have access to abundantly more ingredients than those of the past. So take advantage and start your own traditions


Essentially a wood fired oven is an awesome way of expressing yourself through cooking and socializing By taking the time to make it pleasant to look at and learning to make signature dishes that you can pull off every time, you’ll be using it more than you think. Firing it up on a weekday for dinner wont seem so unusual

Surely you’d have your own reasons for building and using one… why not share it below in the comments!!


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