wood fired oven sizeWood fired oven size – what factors should you consider?

There aren’t many things better than having your very own wood fired pizza oven.

The smell of the pizza’s cooking.  The crackling sound of the wood burning.  The beautiful heat that comes from the oven on a cold winter’s day.

It truly is one of the best investments you can make.  However, it is also an investment that you need to get right from the start.

While it may not seem like a big deal, the size of your wood fired pizza oven can make a big difference to its usability and suitability.  To ensure that you buy the right size oven for your needs, consider the following.

What are you using your wood fired oven for?

If you are planning to use the oven for every day cooking – e.g. twice a week – then it makes sense to get a smaller oven that uses less wood to heat, and perfectly fits with your family cooking needs.  By the way, the food tastes so good you will want to use the oven for cooking several times a week!

If on the other hand, you are planning to use the wood fired pizza oven primarily for parties and when guests are over, you may need a bigger oven.  One that can cook several large pizzas and several loaves of bread at the same time.

Our recommendation is to go smaller.  The oven heats up quicker, and you can easily cook pizzas one after the other if you are having a party.  The only exception is if you are cooking slow roasts and you need more space.

Sometimes bigger isn’t better!

Location Location Location!

The location of where you are putting your wood fired pizza oven will also impact on the size.  For example, you may have a confined space that simply won’t fit a big wood fired pizza oven.

It is important to match the oven with your food needs as well as your location needs.  The oven needs to look as if it is meant to be there and fit within your property.

bread ovenThink of capacity now…and in the future

Buying a wood fire pizza oven is a long term investment.  It will continue to add value to your house for many years to come.

As such, you need to consider the cooking surface size and capacity that you will need now as well as in the future.  You could have more kids on the way, or you may be an empty nester in the next five or so years.

Some people even look beyond this and look at what potential home buyers would want as well.

So think of current and future needs when choosing the size of your wood fired pizza oven.

Budget also plays an important role

While not overly expensive compared to other home improvements or appliances, wood fired pizza ovens do, of course, cost money.

Materials and design play an important role in price, but most importantly, price is dictated by size.  Generally the smaller the wood fired oven the cheaper it will be.

So consider your budget and then see what sizes match in.


In summary, the wood fired oven size that you choose is generally dependent upon your current and future needs, the location of where you will install the oven, and also your budget.  Consider all of these aspects and you will stand the best chance of making the right decision.

Happy cooking.


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