smoky-ovenWoodfired oven smoke is often thought to be harmful on both our health and the environment. How much harm is it actually causing?

Councils targeting wood burning heaters…

According to an Australian Air Quality Group, the estimated health costs of woodsmoke pollution is more than $8 billion just in NSW. The high costs are attributed to evidence that no safe level of PM2.5 pollution (the most dangerous air pollutant).

Local councils have made moves to ban or restrict wood heater usage in an attempt to reduce the amount of PM2.5 pollutant in the air. Understandably this is at its highest during winter months. What hasn’t been mentioned is if and when Wood Fired ovens will fall into the same or similar category and attract their own attention for contributing smoke into the air.

The end result?

local-councilsMany of us install our oven, taking care not to offend our neighbours with a direct smoke hit. Especially during the initial firing to get the heat up. We enjoy the faint smoky smell left on our clothes after a great cooking session and the relaxing and inviting aroma of faint smokiness lapping at the edges of our sizzling pizzas. Often we don’t know or sometimes care if it has any effect on our health.

I agree with most, that if restrictions would be put in place, it would be a big hit to an evolving backyard culture that is growing at a rapid pace. Products exist to reduce emissions to safer levels, but how would they effect the end result? Would we go out and buy these fire additives at our own cost to keep the air safe because we wanted to? or would it be a result of councils making us?

Already opposing politicians are promising to overthrow these regulations and unrestrict wood burning heater usage. Therefore the public demand for them must still exist in great numbers. It will be interesting to keep tabs on how these wood burining heaters fare regarding regulations and hope that nothing eventuates on the Wood fired oven front of a similar cause.



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