Pizza Dough 001This Pizza Dough 001 recipe provides weights for ingredients as a way to accurately measure out the correct ratio and have a great tasting, chewy and crusty base. Use of a digital scale is reccomended due to the acccuracy required and will assist with scaling up or down the amount of ingredients required so that you end up with the required amount of dough.
Ginger Crème BruleePerfumed with a hint of ginger, the creamy sweetness of this Ginger crème brulee is always a hit. You can bake the custard cups a day in advance and caramelize the tops just before serving for a smooth, no-fuss dessert service
Wood Fired ArtichokesThe fire roasting emphasises the tender flavour of the artichoke hearts, providing a subtle smokiness to the dish. You'll be adding wood fired artichokes to your next pizza!
Port Poached PearsThis elegant dessert captures the subtle textures of this Northwest fruit. A fresh ending to any meal, we like to add a touch of cream fraiche for a rich finish
Apple Tarte TatinThe basis of this dish is a golden puff pastry crust with a smooth buttery sauce. Substitute apples for other fruits that bake well, like pears or bananas.
Dutch Baby PancakesThis breakfast dish always earns great praise for both its taste and its swiftly changing form.
Spanish PaellaThis iconicly Spanish dish from Valencia, Spain is truly spectacular. The added smokiness from the oven combined with the flavorsome saffron-scented rice has a crackly, crunchy bottom crust, which compliments the fresh chicken and seafood.
PorchettaThis Porchetta recipe uses a boneless pork shoulder. (You can adapt this recipe to a whole small piglet if you wish, by increasing the amount of herb mixture and the cooking time in the oven).

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