Mobile Pizza OvenWoodfired cooking gets portable with  mobile pizza ovens

A familiar shape flashing past while driving around is becoming a more common occurrence. Chefs with Mobile Pizza Ovens, on their way to their next gig, oven in tow, show a growing trend. People can have all the benefits of woodfired cooking without the hassle of installation and maintenance. Rather than going to venues with woodfired cooking on the menu, the vendors are coming to you.

An internet search yeilds hundreds if not thousands of Mobile Woodfired oven operators with likely one or two in your local area. Having used the services of one Sydney Australia Based operator, I’m glad to say that the experience is one that is familiar, stress free and recommended.

mobile Pizza Oven PartyMaking use of these services

Hosting a party or event can often be stressful and tiring. Your usual catering options provide some avenue of relief but you get that “been there – done that” kind of feeling. When people fail to comment on the food you know it was nothing spectacular. Adding a twist of woodfired cooking to your catering service brings a homely and welcoming feel, and being mobile this can be acheived at any location you can fit a trailer in. It becomes a focal point. A talking point. People gather around to keep warm, convince themselves they are learning to make pizza and add buying their own woodfired oven to their mental bucket list.

The pizzas come non-stop until all your guests are pushing their plates away. The leftovers, boxed up for lunch the following day. Then just as quickly as it was set up, the equipment is packed away and the oven rolls away, ready for it’s next assignment.

When choosing a Mobile Wodfired Oven operator

– Ask as many questions as possible o put your mind at ease
– Confirm your guest list as most charge on the number of guests
– Confirm your menu with the operator prior to your event
– Try to choose foods that will cater to all your guests (remember your vegetarians, vegans and Gluten frees)
– If you are going to have additional food, don’t go overboard, as pizza can get very filling, very fast (especially when you want to try them all)

Mobile Pizza Ovens


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