Wood fired pizzaModern technology has changed the way people cook. They now can cook easier and faster and while these are great attributes of cooking with modern technology, a woodfired oven can create flavors that cannot be duplicated. Modern ovens can and do produce great tasting foods.

The taste..

The taste that a wood fired oven produces is truly unique and one in which many people yearn for once they get a taste of it. The flavors of the foods cooked in a wood fired oven are amazing. Part of the flavor depends on the seasonings use just like a modern oven but the wood that is used to fire a wood fired oven also contributes to the food. This is something that doesn’t happen with modern ovens because they are powered by gas.

Just for pizza?

One of the most famous dishes produced within a wood fired oven is pizza. Pizza cooked in a wood fire oven has a crisper crust and the flavors seem to pop in your mouth. It is not the same as pizza made at your local pizzeria. It is actually pizza that helped to fuel the new interest in wood fired ovens. Pizza is the most popular of foods made with a wood fired oven but is not the only food that a wood fired oven can produce. Wood fired ovens can also be used to produce breads, cakes, and meats.

Wood fired ChorizoWhat about meat?

Meats that are cooked in a wood fired oven also have a unique flavor due to the wood used to start and keep the wood fired oven going. There is not one meat that cannot be prepared in a wood fired oven. Many people have caught on to using a wood fired oven to barbeque.

How hot?

For those of you worrying that a wood fired oven would not be strong enough to cook a meal with, you can rest assured because a wood fired oven can get to temperatures over 575 degrees.The ability of a wood fired oven being able to get so hot means it will not take longer for your foods to cook versus cooking with a modern oven. This is good news to all which like to cook and who are on the fence as to whether or not they should give wood fired ovens a try.

What about clean-up?

Wood fired ovens also clean up very easily. The oven plate can be wiped down just in case something was spilled out on the cooking surface. And finally someone will need to clean the ashes that are produced from the fire. This is no different than cleaning up ashes that traditional barbeque grill makes.

In all, wood fired ovens are just as easy and quick to cook with as modern ovens. And they provide a unique taste that cannot be replicated by any modern oven

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